Changes for the Weekend

Due to the holiday weekend (in the US), changes have come early! We’ve added the latest from @TheNational and made some adjustments. Listen!

New Hosting Server

We’ve been having some issues with our website working properly… so we’ve migrated our website over to a new hosting provider. You should now be able to view our site much more reliably! Rock on!

All Clear

Our internet provider has resolved our recent issues with streaming. Go forth and rock! \m/ \m/

New music and technical difficulties

Those two things usually don’t go together, but we are experiencing both things today… one is wonderful, one just needs some patience (then again, the new music sometimes does too, depending on your outlook!) First, the new music: Haim – “Want You Back” Sylvan Esso Read More …

Building the Perfect Beast

We’ve made a few more adjustments to your favorite alternative station and mine. We’ve also added a few new songs, such as the latest one from LCD Soundsystem called “Call The Police”. Listen longer and enjoy!

Listen to us!

We’re back once again on a new website provider.  We’ve got a brand-new look.  It might seem a bit sparse around here now, but there will be more to come soon.  All of the basics are here, though.  Listen on the widget above.  Click play Read More …